Denials Management Solved® — DMS

DMS is the only solution for healthcare denials management.

What if you could significantly reduce your cost to collect, receive more cash and reduce your average days of revenue in accounts receivable (ADRR)?

Sherloq Revenue Solutions developed our proprietary Denials Management Solved — DMS platform in conjunction with millions of successfully adjudicated claims to produce a program that provides proven revenue recovery success. Through extensive analysis of payer trends, we deliver unmatched success in recovering reimbursement for services our clients have provided.

Sherloq Revenue Solutions will:

  • Boost revenue integrity by identifying your most costly denials through pattern and trend process improvement
  • Reduce denials by implementing concrete techniques to prevent unnecessary reimbursement delays
  • Reconcile claim issues and provide recommendations so you receive cash quicker


Sherloq Revenue Solutions has the values you’re looking for:





We’re a collaborative, trusted business partner.

Our dedicated, full-service denials and appeals management team is ready to serve you. We believe you are entitled to maximum reimbursement for the services you provide.

Learn how Sherloq Revenue Solutions overturned millions of dollars in denied claims on behalf of a large healthcare system through the exclusive use of our proprietary DMS program.